Minutes - February 2015

Wednesday, February 5, 2015
9 Huntley Street
Brian Bagley – President,
Dennis Magill – Vice President,
Chris Kowal– Treasurer
  1. Review and approval of minutes from June 4th 2014. Quorum not present at last meeting.Brian Bagley confirmed that a quorum was present with 10 members & 3 guests. Brian provided draft copies of the minutes from the June 4th, 2014 were provided & requested a motion to approve the minutes. This motion was seconded by Ken. Held a vote with all favour.
  2. Treasurer’s ReportBank balance as of Dec 31/14 was $1349.65
  3. Board executive election
    • No nominations were received to join the 2015-2016 executive. The current President, Vice President and Treasurer will continue their role. The role of Secretary is vacant.
    • The UJNA executive is looking for added community support and volunteers.
  4. Updates from guest & interested parties:
    • Casey HouseStephanie Karapita, Chief Executive Officer provided a project update. Construction to begin end between the end of February and mid March 2015. The coach house to be removed in early April to make room for ground breaking. The project construction will take approximately 19 months with owner occupancy in fall of 2016. Traffic concerns are being addressed in the construction plan.The project upon completion will double the facilities programming capacity while inpatient care room will remain relatively unchanged. The current facility location’s fate is still unknown as once moved to the new location the Ministry of Health funding for maintenance of the 9 Huntley Street building will cease.
    • Rogers CommunicationsNo major updates to report.
    • Toronto Catholic District School Board, comments supplied by Jo-Ann Davis, TrusteeSt. Michael Catholic School continues to operate out of 25 Linden Street. St Michael’s is schedules to return to their permanent school site at 50 George St South is September 2015. Once the timelines for St Michael’s return to their permanent community are confirmed in April or May the TCDSB will then return to the strategic plan for Linden site as an expanded Msgr Fraser College alternative school site.
  5. Community High-rise residential developments
    • Selby Hotel, 592 Sherbourne Street & 15 Selby Street. Brian met with the developer earlier and the week and shared the following update. The project remains a 49- storey residential tower including a 3-storey base building with grade-related townhouse units. A total of 499 dwelling units and 174 residential parking spaces, 26 visitor & 449 bicycle.City Planner:
    Mark Chlon, Senior Planner
    Tel: 416-397-1761
    Fax: 416-392-1330
    E-mail: mchlon@toronto.ca

    DiamondCorp has sold the property to a new developer. The project has taken a change in direction from condo to high end rentals. The Architect remain the with little visual changes planned. The property will remain registered as condo so that it can convert at a later date if deem fit. Construction is targeted to begin September 2015 and anticipated to take 2 years to complete. This will begin relocation of 592 Sherbourne closer to Sherbounre and demolition of the hotel add-on.

    Section 37 monies: the City will acquire 15 Selby and retained it as 5 geared-to- income rental units. Should the city upon completion of the project not wish to retain the building the developer will provide back to the city 1,600,000 for Selby Lands. In addition $100,000.00 allocated at the discretion of the Chief Planner and Executive Director of City Planning, in consultation with the local Ward Councillor, for streetscape improvements in the vicinity of the Sherbourne Lands, $200,000.00 is to be allocated to the Affordable Housing Revolving Fund, with the provision that such funds are to be used to improve the A.H. Rundle House located on the Selby Lands, if the Selby Lands

    • 387 to 403 Bloor Street East and 28 Selby StreetEaston’s Group recently purchased the property and continuing with the prior plans that include a 49-storey (including an 8-storey base) and a 12-storey residential building including a connecting one-storey base. The development would include 582 residential units, 173 parking spaces, 465 residential bicycle parking on the mezzanine and P1 level and 116 visitor bicycle parking spaces are proposed on the P1 level. Vehicle entrance will be off Selby Street.
    City Planner: Jennifer Renaud,
    Tel: 416-392-7554
    Fax: 416-392-1330
    Email: jrenaud2@toronto.ca
    The current developer has appealed to OMB with a prehearing set for April 2nd at the OMB office