Minutes - October 2015

Wednesday, October 7th @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
9 Huntley Street
1. Quorum: was present with 10 members

2. Review of February 4th, and April 1st minutes
Postponed to next meeting

3. Treasurer’s Report: $1,349.98

Development Updates:

4. Casey House:
• Introduce Victoria van Hemert Interim Chief Executive Officer
• New building update
• Opening in 14 months (November 2016)

Myrmex has an interest in acquiring the existing.
• Planed use is to join 9 Huntley with 127 Isabella street and develop a mix us GLBT seniors, youth and medical centre
• The primary segments of our community that the Centre will be focusing on are:
• LGBTQ Seniors
• Long-term Housing for LGBTQ Seniors
• Assisted Living for LGBTQ Seniors
• Independent Living for LGBTQ Seniors
• Day Programs for the LGBTQ Seniors in the community
• LGBTQ Youth
• Transitional housing for LGBTQ Youth
• Homeless Shelter for LGBTQ Youth
• Complex care Unit for HIV/AIDS
• Medical/Health Centre for HIV/AIDS and the LGBTQ community

This centre will be structured to improve the quality of life for everyone involved. Seniors will continue to be a contributing member of the LGBTQ community through a mentoring program, which will allow the LGBTQ Seniors to work in a safe environment with the LGBTQ youth in the Transitional Program and vice versa as there are as many skills that the youth can teach the seniors. The complex will be set up in a manner, which will allow seniors the opportunity to age in place. As their needs change, we will be able to provide elders with the necessary care without moving them away from what has become their home. A home that they have come to know along with key personal relationships they will have developed being part of a localized community.
• Height 30 stories
• Have not acquired property but completing due diligence at this point.

5. 592 Sherbourne Street & 15 Selby Street (Selby Hotel)
• Project official group breaking held Oct 5th
• Drilling near completion
• Building move started today, will then excavate under current location by 7’ and reposition the house on a new concrete pad by mid November
• Labourers and sweeper maintaining roads and sidewalks daily
• Section 37: Prior to the issuance of the first above grade building permit the owner is to provide the following contributions:
• $100,000.00 for streetscape improvements in the vicinity of the site
• $200,000.00 for the City’s Capital Revolving Fund for Affordable Housing, with the provision that such funds are to be used to improve the building at 15 Selby Street in the event the 15 Selby Street property is conveyed to the City.
• $15 Selby to Toronto Housing or $1.6M
• Developer MOD, Finance Tricon Capital, BKL Architecture, financial backer OPTrust

Background on the project: 
• 50 story, 513 units, 150 parking spots (30%), average rental price will be $2.90/ft, completion end of 2018

6. 387 – 403 Bloor Street East/ 28 Selby Street
• 52 Storry with a 9 story podium, 49 with tower, 9 story on selby with set-back. 4-9 hotel, 1-3 amenities and lobby
• Seeking site plan approval
• Currently marketing project “The Rosedale”
• Sales office open
• Hotel by Hilton on first
• Section 37: $3.3M: $330K community housing, $330 for capital improvement to community/cultural space, $640 park lands, $2M local area street scape

7. Sacre Coeur
• St Michael’s elementary has moved back home to St George St
• Sacre Coeur School is now occupied by Monsignor Fraser College as their new “Isabelle Campus North.”

8. Rogers – no update

9. Isabella traffic calming poll was unsuccessful, not enough ballots were returned, therefore it is not moving forward
• http://app.toronto.ca/ptis_public_web/Controller?action=2210. Other business
• EggSmart at Howard and Sherbourne has recently been purchased with plans for a new residential development. Early stages, little known at this point