our vision

Upper Jarvis Neighbourhood Association Development Vision/Guidelines

The  UJNA speaks as the single voice for the community.    We care about our neighbourhood.    We celebrate the character of this historic area and want to preserve and enhance its vitality and quality of life.    To that end, we have created development design criteria to guide future development in our area.   Upper Jarvis Neighbourhood Association (UJNA) has a strong track-record of working with City Hall and interested developers.   The UJNA has supported projects that are consistent with its vision and opposed those that fail to reflect its goals and interests.

Design & Development Principles
The following principles will guide us in reacting to future neighbourhood development whether the project contemplated is infill, renovation or on a major site.
1 - Achieve balance
2 - Residential focus
3 - Peripheral v. interior density
4 - Maintain & enhance existing character
5 - Aesthetics
6 - Our proud historic context
Achieve Balance
Our neighbourhood should be a balance of higher, middle and lower-end development. Our area already has a significant proportion of institutional and social service uses. Mid-range housing is also fully-represented in our residential inventory. The missing piece is higher-end development. We need more higher-end development to achieve appropriate balance

Residential Focus
We are determined to preserve Upper Jarvis’ predominantly low-rise residential character from further commercial intrusion from the north, south, west and the east.

Peripheral v. Interior Density
Peripheral density: higher The City’s Official Plan mandates increased density on “Avenues” or major arteries. We recognize this reality but this planning objective must be balanced against our commitment to preserve Upper Jarvis’ unique heritage properties.

Interior density: lower We will only support compatible low-density residential development throughout the interior core of the Upper Jarvis area.

Maintain and enhance existing character
New development should enhance the best of what we already have. Our design goals are intended to re-invigorate the neighbourhood while reflecting the best in its existing style, scale, setbacks, landscaping, design and quality of life.

Aesthetics standards
• setbacks compatible with street
• underground parking
• at-grade entries
• high-quality detailing
• green space
• safety-conscious design
• traffic control measures
• access to sunlight
• noise control measures
• street art
• thoughtful landscaping
Our proud historic context
Upper Jarvis residents are justly proud of our place in Toronto’s past and the surviving historic buildings which grace our neighbourhood. New development must recognize, respect and reflect this historic context.